PR Distribution

Press Release Distribution

We Send and Track press releases using our Local and National and global Media Contact Database of just under a million contacts, so you know your business release will land on business desks and your consumer releases will reach consumer journalists, in all target areas, maximising exposure.We also self-publish releases across our own network of websites, as well as to social media and search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing News providing high-value, long tail SEO benefits.

Our industry-leading Press Release Distribution service works by sending your press releases directly to the journalists most likely to write about them. We do this by tailor-making bespoke lists from our database for each individual release, across Regional and National Newspapers, Magazines, TV and Online.

Press releases can be sent through our website by registered Presswire users, or directly if you email them to us. They can be sent as pure text or HTML, complete with images and embedded video at no extra cost.
Our editor checks every press release for spelling mistakes, broken links, corrupt formatting and missing images to ensure recipients and search engines always receive a faultless message

Media Monitoring services

News wire Gujarat provides Media Monitoring services, including print press cuttings and web articles from consumer and business as well as trade titles, and from behind pay-walls and subscription-only websites that are not viewable by search engines.We deliver comprehensive Media Monitoring reports to clients, local and National in all languages, on a daily, fortnightly or monthly basis by searching for specific keywords, phrases, stock symbols or company names. Our Media Monitoring system currently includes 500+ Print titles and 1000+ Web titles as well as some broadcast transcripts from television and radio news and current affairs programmers.

We can also search our Media Monitoring system retrospectively, providing news and feature articles going back up to 10 years, for research or analysis purposes, and deliver them as searchable Word or PDF documents as is, or with analytics/statistics to help identify trends and sources. Company/ Business intelligence reports are also available.